Has Karl Rove Switched Sides?

Ealier today I was reading Rove Road-Tests Tougher Attack on Democrats.

It was such a hoot I wanted to re-read it but it wasn't as easily accessible from the side bar anymore.

Really you have to read it though (link above). Rove says he wants you to vote Republican because: Democrats will not be gung-ho for killing people or denying you your civil rights. Hey, is the Rovester thinking of jumping parties? Is he working for the D side now?

Welcome aboard, Mr. Rove, (but you're going to have to be less nasty and vicious if you want to stay).

And now there is an article linked from the side bar titled "Democrats Strengthen Chances For Senate"

It looks like our new 'buddy's' efforts are already bearing fruit.


Conservatives Turn Against Another Bush Administration Exposer, and Gays

With the viciousness of trained attack dogs Conservative Christian leaders are attacking after a former staffer revealed that the Bush administration aides laugh at Conservative Christians.

But in fact they are attacking the messenger.

Tony Perkins comes out as the most honest of the Christian leaders quoted by the Washington Post. He notes that the writer of a book being released Monday, by David Kuo, who was once 'deputy director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives' will be destroyed. Someone I know used to use Karl Rove's words a former Faith Based Charity chief's much milder outing of the political uses that the government program serves as tag line in forum posts. I'd repeat it here, but it's way too raunchy for a family oriented blog. (And I've forgotten the exact quote or at least how many time Rove used the "f" word.)

Perkins also says
"I have no misconceptions about how people in the Republican Party and the establishment view social conservatives. They are dismissive. I see how they prefer to work with fiscal conservatives," he said. "Having said that, I see it really as a marriage of convenience. We are not without significant gains by working with this administration."

Yeah, like billions of dollars worth of marriage of convenience.

And the Christian show that will be going on Sunday evening (as noted in the Washington Post article linked here) proves that the Christian conservatives are giving like kind campaign contributions back in their control of the flock with lies. Again they will be smearing gays with dishonest slime.

But this is pretty funny too. Remember how in November 2004 election the RNC talking points repeaters kept saying it was the Democrats' and liberals supposed jocular dismissal of evangelical Christians that cost them the election? This proves that most of the bad things Republicans and their parrots say about those who don't support them and Democratic candidates is something they have dredged up from what they do.


Nanny State Cuts off Online Gambling, Shopaholics Continue.

Online gambling (illegal in the US already) was denied the transfer of money in a slimy insert of a measure into a needed Ports bill approved weeks ago and signed today (Friday)(the thirteenth) by President Bush.

Whether or not you believe online gambling should be banned, and indeed contacts with American gambling sources like bookies and horse racing I heard is not illegal, there is a big disconnect in logic in what we ban.

If Las Vegas wants online gambling banned, it gets banned as does the means to interact with offshore sites.

Ban 24 hour on air and online shopping? I doubt that'll ever happen. (No matter what some in the linked report say about not being able to separate shopping addiction from the victims' environment.) That is a good topic for another day as our nation is committed to spreading the shopaholic empire around the world while we see it destroying the espoused values of many of the GOP's firmest supporters. If they haven't figured out that the promotion of casual sex has nearly everything to do with the promotion of shopping, I feel bad for them, but I still hate the war they promote or at least condone.

BTW. banning could be used for many other 'addictions'. Too many blogaholics? Ban it. See what I mean?

When they came for the gambler, I was silent...

The Port Bill was approved nearly unanimously because the main parts of the port bill were needed, but to throw in banning money for online gambling at the last minute was pure politics by the Republicans who control Congress.

BTW, on the border fence bill, we are told that the president doesn't have to sign it yet because the Congress has not sent it over to him. He has 10 days after it is sent to him. This shows further complicity from the Republicans who control Congress in helping Bush to veto the bill that demands he build a 700 mile fence. Meanwhile we are being bombarded in the news media with propaganda that a fence would be bad.

They could keep this up until after the election and then collect all that money from Big Business who want the Guest Worker program installed and no fence built.

This is another race I have no horse in, but the hypocrisy is stunning.

GOP Cutting and Running from Some Races

Typical cut and run to save your resources and your people before breaking the strength of your forces and money.

If only the GOP could take some of the electoral lessons they've learned this year to Congress and look at the Iraq war in a new light.

Article at the Washington Post.

WP: Report Says Nonprofits Sold Influence to Abramoff

Excerpt article (title location idicated above:

Five conservative nonprofit organizations, including one run by prominent Republican Grover Norquist, "appear to have perpetrated a fraud" on taxpayers by selling their clout to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Senate investigators said in a report issued yesterday.

The report includes previously unreleased e-mails between the now-disgraced lobbyist and officers of the nonprofit groups, showing that Abramoff funneled money from his clients to the groups. In exchange, the groups, among other things, produced ostensibly independent newspaper op-ed columns or news releases that favored the clients' positions.

Officers of the groups "were generally available to carry out Mr. Abramoff's requests for help with his clients in exchange for cash payments," said the report, issued by the Senate Finance Committee. The report was written by the Democratic staff after a yearlong investigation and authorized by the Republican chairman, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa).


he groups named in the report are Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform; the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, which was co-founded by Norquist and Gale Norton before she became secretary of the interior; Citizens Against Government Waste; the National Center for Public Policy Research, a spinoff of the Heritage Foundation; and Toward Tradition, a Seattle-based religious group founded by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

E-mails released by the committee show that Abramoff, often with the knowledge of the groups' leaders, exploited the tax-exempt status and leveraged the stature of the organizations to build support among conservatives for legislation or government action sought by clients including Microsoft Corp., mutual fund company DH2 Inc., Primedia Inc.'s Channel One Network, and Brown-Forman, maker of Jack Daniel's whiskey.

WP: Too Much Plane? Too Ambitious Flight?

Washington Post piece has more facts and analysis on the Cory Lidle crash.

Reporter "Unlawfully Killed" by US Troops

Assistant Deputy Coroner to ask AG to "consider pressing charges".

Excerpt BBC report "Iraq reporter unlawfully killed".

An inquest heard Mr Lloyd was killed by a US bullet near Basra. His interpreter died and his cameraman is missing.

It was told Mr Lloyd, 50 and originally from Derby, was hit while in a makeshift ambulance, having already been hurt by American-Iraqi crossfire.

The coroner is to ask the attorney general to consider pressing charges.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) said Mr Lloyd's killing was a "war crime" and this was echoed by Mr Lloyd's widow, Lyn.

In a statement she said: "This was a very serious war crime, how else can firing on a vehicle in these circumstances be interpreted?

"This was not a friendly fire incident or a crossfire incident, it was a despicable, deliberate, vengeful act, particularly as it came many minutes after the initial exchange.

"US forces appear to have allowed their soldiers to behave like trigger happy cowboys in an area where civilians were moving around."
He said it was his view the American tanks had been first to open fire on the ITN crew's two vehicles.

He added Mr Lloyd would probably have survived the first bullet wound he received, but was killed as he travelled away in a makeshift ambulance.

Mr Walker said it "presented no threat to American forces" since it was a civilian minibus and was facing away from the US tanks.

"I have no doubt it was the fact that the vehicle stopped to pick up survivors that prompted the Americans to fire on that vehicle," he said.

ITN's editor in chief David Mannion said: "I would also like to say something that I know Terry would have wished me to say.

"Independent, unilateral reporting, free from official strictures, is crucial; not simply to us as journalists but to the role we play in a free and democratic society."

Also recommended:

Cameraman's plea to save Terry Lloyd

Media Matters: A List of Republican Lies over Foleygate

Hat Tip to Dragyn's Breath (We winged and fire breathing reptiles have to stick together, right?).

Media Matter's list of the Republican lies on Foleygate the truth they are meant to hide.

Pastor who opposed Schwarzenegger now on governor's payroll

A progressive pastor who once called Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger part of "the national axis of evil" is now a paid consultant with the governor's re-election campaign, upsetting at least one fellow clergyman.

The Rev. Amos Brown, who heads Third Baptist Church, is starring this week in a new radio ad for Schwarzenegger after once dubbing President Bush the governor's "partner in crime" in a San Francisco Chronicle interview.

Brown lauded Schwarzenegger in an official campaign press release this week as a leader on arts, music and physical education in schools and as an advocate for prison reform and small-business development.

In the past two months, the San Francisco pastor was paid more than $16,000 after he was put on the Schwarzenegger campaign payroll as a political consultant, according to documents on file with the California Secretary of State's Office. The Schwarzenegger campaign confirmed that Brown is a paid campaign adviser.

And, of course, the pastor has some pre-approved Rovian lies to tell about why he suddenly is backing a Republican. It couldn't be those massive bribes that the governor is shoving into black churches through his after school program, no.....

Schwarzenegger is like Bush on steriods.

Everything you hate about Bush, the lies, the clownishness, the dirty politics is found big time in the Gropenator.

Original article is at: Mercury News

Bush: Hastert Doing a 'Heck of a Job'

Excerpt CNN Report:
Although the president has spoken out in Hastert's defense -- tepidly at first and more directly at a White House news conference on the eve of the fundraiser -- their appearance together was an endorsement of Hastert when nearly half the country says he should resign.

Their long-scheduled fundraiser was sponsored by Hastert and came on the same day that the House ethics committee questioned ex-Rep. Mark Foley's chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, for five hours. Fordham has said he took complaints about Foley's conduct to Hastert's top aide three or four years ago.

Hastert's office has said it learned of Foley's conduct only last fall, and the speaker has said he first was notified in late September this year.

Bush defended him, without mentioning the Foley case.

"Speaker Denny Hastert has a long record of accomplishment," Bush said. "He's not one of these Washington politicians who spews a lot of hot air. He just gets the job done."

Now we are all supposed to touch our heads to the floor and chant "We're not worthy! over and over.

Give me a break!

Republicans you already have your paid operatives working all over the nation saying that the sky is going to fall if Hastert's fat a** isn't sitting in the Speaker's chair next January, can you just drop it for a few weeks? You're giving us all indigestion.


Hey, Shays! Young people face predation all the time. Would you sweep it under the rug?

Apparently you and your fellow Republicans would!

Just like the Catholic church you would condone repeated sexual predation, harassment at the least, and even online sex with underage (J. E. 17 in CA where age of consent is 18) males who are in a subordinate position.

As a survivor of attempted sexual predation at the age of 17, I can tell you it isn't a small thing.

Afterwards, I was afraid to meet people and had a delayed adult development. I married late and have been afraid to be with males alone. Horribly afraid. Yeah, in fact I don't do interviews, and, therefore, work at a low level job that keeps me outdoors, away from enclosed areas where I could be trapped. My family suffers from my inability to try for better jobs.

And I was lucky in that I wasn't raped, just harassed. Made to feel guilty because I wouldn't give in to an older guy's advances. My SO is patient and kind and helped me recover somewhat, but I'm not the person I was at 16 (who loved to meet people and go places) even so many years later.

But at least I didn't kill myself as some victims have done.

And your House leaders told everyone to keep the news of what Foley was doing away from them, and indeed the complaints were funneled back to Foley's office. Just don't tell anyone like the Speaker or other House leader because if they are told then they'd have to do something that might cost them one seat in Congress.

So page after page was the recipient of Foley's perversions. (I am straight, but I'm not saying that gayness or gay advances are perverted, just the way Foley did them, like he was assuming that the other wanted this contact and sexual "teaching". I've read the IMs sent to J.E. in CA. which are posted in entirety at Slate.com)

J. E. knew the score. Any GOP Representative is above you when you are trying to make in the Republican party, so you play along like you're interested in his aging body and ridiculous antics.

Other pages couldn't even handle the first contacts in which Foley pretended to just be interested in them as people (instead of the sexual targets he really wanted). That is why the pages with the more damning emails came out with them to stop Foley from doing this again.

And why did pages have to do this? Because the Republican House leadership made sure they didn't hear a whisper of Foley's predation so they didn't have to do anything and couldn't be pinned down to knowing anything.

Dennis Hastert should join the Catholic church. He'd make a fine Bishop to cover over the sins of some pedophile priest.

What Edward Kennedy did was to come to his extremity and fail big time one night. Driving a young woman home very late one night he went off a bridge. Kennedy did not go hide his head at that time, but made repeated attempts at diving down to save her.

Remember this was at a time before even wealthy people had cellular phones, and it was in the country away from houses and public phones that were the only life lines in such situations in those days. When the already tired young Congressional reached the absolute end of his strength he made a mistake from extreme exhaustion and most likely Miss Kopechne was already dead. But still he did, when too exhausted to think, make a terrible mistake.

But that was on one night, when he was too sick to think anymore. The next day he contacted authorities and subjected himself to hate and character assasination from the right wing politicos ever since.

Hastert and the other Republican House leaders and who knows how many other Republicans made a conscious decision for over ten years to subject young men to the disgusting advances of Mark Foley. And yes, sexual predation has killed in the past and will kill again in the future.

Some young men have taken their lives because of the actions of priests or other predators. Others have been killed by their attackers. No, Foley didn't kill anyone, but by saying this is no big deal Shays and other House GOP members are giving the green light to sexual predators. And who knows where that will end? Just like their public display of hatred for gays ended one night on a cold and lonely road for Matthew Shepard.

To keep your power, you will give a green light to predators everywhere?

As Riverbend said about US troops after the Abu Ghraib scandal emerged. "Just Go".

I hope the rump group of Republicans that is left in the House of Representatives when the rest of you are voted out, can learn how to honestly and sincerely present logical arguments and practical solutions that are good for the entire country. Instead what we see your party doing now is degrading the political discussion to play to hate groups, trying to favor (or at least fool) a bare majority of special interest groups, and hiding major ethics problems.

Morning News 10-12-06

'Values' Decline As Issue In Ohio. Who's values are they talking about? Not supporting genocide for oil is a definite value. So is making sure children, the sick, and the elderly have food and medical care. It might take a little time, but Ohio always figures it out before some parts of the nation do.

Bush's Newest Wiggle Dance: Playing Fashion Police Bush's wiggle dance first came to my attention when in Georgia -- I think -- (the eastern Europe Country not the eastern US state) the president did a little wiggle dance looking half sheepish and half bored as he always does when quoting speeches supposedly full of concern and compassion that political operatives have written for him. After a few days of media and even liberal groups focusing on the "wiggle dance" I realized that the uproar was on purpose, to distract the public and media from the war (which had partially been a device to distract people from what the Bush administration was doing at home. I'm only mentioning this now because I have found the major serious news sources devoting space usually reserved for serious politics featuring articles on this latest "wiggle dance".

LA Times: Panel Questions Republican on Page Board People ask why wasn't even the other Republican on the page board told of Foley's advances?

Hastert Aides Interest Ethics Panel I predicted a few days ago that they will be pinning the problem on the aides. One aide seems especially vulnerable. Kudos to Jonathan Weisman for pointing out the fact that a couple of Hastert's aides live and commute with Hastert, making it nearly impossible for the Speaker not to know what they know. If they don't get beyond the aides we should demand an independent investigation.

Lidle’s Plane Traveled Along Feared Path Really sad, but they need to show us the passport. If they are not lying to us about that they should be able to show it. Demand to see the passport!

Opponent Phil Angelides Demands, Nurses Buy Equal Time on Schwarzenegger's Tonight appearance. Million dollar spot handed to Schwarzenegger with appearance, but no equal time offered to contending candidate Phil Angelides. California nurses bought spots for their campaign finance reform initiative on the show.

RE: Scandal Sidelines Hastert, Reynolds. Interesting article on how the Foley scandal is affecting the Speaker's, and Republican Campaign Chairman's ability to focus on the election. Basically, I don't know what an appearance from the old bully, Hastert, would matter to a campaign. What is the attraction for hard core Republicans to his snear and snarl. And from what I've heard from Reynolds, he seems to be cut from the same cloth. Notice though that neither one will relenquish the least bit of power.

Political `Tracker' Is Looking for Err TimeArticle was surprisingly snide about political aides that track opponents actions with a digital camera and put the results up on YouTube. Then I realized that this was cutting into the domains of the news media. They are supposed to be able to control the news that gets out to the public. Shame Shame on people getting information out cheaply on You Tube! Less wealthy, less big business supported candidates can get information out to the world without the favor of big business controlled mainstream news. Whatever will the news media do? (Angelides campaign, are you listening? Make some digital of your clownlike opponent in action. Ah, he probably has a couple of steroid goons protecting him from recorders.)

David Broder asks if voters will carry through with their new awareness of the failure of the Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress on election day. Well asked. We know the Republicans can't be trusted with complete power. We've been paying attention, but will we succumb to the massive Republican operative campaign? When that Republican operative calls you on the phone with his or her lies or comes to your door because they've collected information on you and think you are a good bet to be able to be goaded into voting Republican, will you fall for the lies that they dole out one more time. This might be the last time we have a chance to drag this nation away from empire building. Will we stand our ground or buckle our knees to Republican operatives? Also, let me ask the print news media too whether they will keep the bit of backbone they've found in the last months if the vote is shown to be hacked as some newspapers have shown could happen and may have happened in the past? Or will they buckle under to Karl Rove's pressure to cover up another stolen election if it happens and pass on excuses for the Republicans like they did in 2000, 2002, and 2004.

Amish killings school demolished Maybe we should have sent the Amish to rebuild Iraq. (Not really. They are the last that we should send to that horrible mess, but at least they can get things done -- and fast.) Wp reports that heavy machinery did the job before dawn today (they felt they needed it done quickly). Also noted is that classes will resume in another location (earlier reports had said something about homeschooling, but this way the children can support each other rather than being isolated. I guess the Amish don't think they have to control every little thought of their kids like the homeschoolers do.

High Court in Britain Loosens Strict Libel Law
This might free the Guardian and Independent to report, but it also would allow the Telegraph and Murdoch's huge news media machine in the UK to get away with slander more easily it seems. Norm Coleman will love this decision.

Join the Bush administration. Get underlings to do your kid's school projects. What a deal. WP report also shows that former ATF head was apparently trying to design his office into something like a luxury suite. It's good to be on the morally deficient, but politically powerful side, I guess.

Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Books Crying that they are not highly compensated, clergy have gotten tax breaks on their housing needs (usually c. 1/3 of their income) though other poorly paid non profit employees od not get similar deals, and neither do poorly paid teachers and day care workers. There are many more ways that the American taxpayer help to finance religion in this nation through taxbreaks to clergy too. Read article at link above.

North Korea warns of sanctions reprisals
Kim is a crazy and belligerent as Bush. This does look like trouble.
Jim Hoagland weighs in on the same subject but is he talking about the North Korea government or the US?:
North Korea's efforts to blame its crossing of the nuclear-testing threshold on U.S. "economic hostility" would be laughable if the regime weren't led by world-class paranoids and fantasists capable of believing their own odious propaganda.

NY Times: Idaho city officially urges residents to arm themselves

George Will Celebrates the fact that Scwarzenegger is against the United States using the popular vote to elect a president. Why is that not a surprise? Governor Phil Angelides would sign it, like he would have signed the state wide health care coverage law that Schwarzenegger vetoed. BTW, did you hear that Bush quietly "ditched" the Border fence law by pocket veto? (The deadline has now passed and the bill is dead.) And he did it with the consent of Congressional Republicans as shown in this post.

Morning Funnies 10-12-06

It's a simple transaction, really, thanks to the Bush administration. (Oliphant)

Knock, Knock (Ben Sargent)

There Was a Vibration!

Why Do You Ask? (Lalo Alcaraz)

The Final in Nuclear Physics (Alcaraz)

There goes that noise again (Robert Ariail)

Happy Halloween! (Ariail

It's like waiting for Godot! (Tony Auth)

Stay the Course! (Auth)

Text Message for Help (Bill Day)

Help Comes (Day)

Just Like Old Times (Danziger)

In a crowded room (Danziger)

They're already there. (Danziger)

The President Will Never Lose Faith (Jerry Holbert)

There it is! At last! (Etta Hulme)

Homerism 101 (Luckovich)

It's All Political (Luckovich)
He Knows

White House Conference on School Safety Refuses to Deal with Increased Gun Control. Says Prayer in Public School is what is needed.

Republicans only allowed.

Members also said that churches should adopt public schools. Claim that it is illegal to say God in schools.(Actually, I'm sure that it's only illegal to teach a religion in a public school, so I assume that's what they actually want.)

Conference cans the talk about online predators. (No need to wonder why.)

Only a stealth grab of the microphone brought up the subject of gun control. And AG Gonsales said the solution to that problem was to not let children have guns.

And that would have stopped Charlie Roberts how?

If you like this kind of sham government do vote Republican in November. There's lots more where that came from.


Yankees Pitcher Apparently Aboard Plane in NYC Crash

A law enforcement official has told the associated press that a member of the New York Yankees organization was aboard the plane that crashed into a New York City high-rise. And FAA records show the plane was registered to Pitcher Cory Lidle.

A small aircraft crashed into a high-rise condominium on Manhattan's Upper East Side Wednesday, touching off a raging fire that sent a pillar of black smoke over the city, police said.

The building is on 72nd Street and York Avenue. Police say two people have been killed in the crash of a small plane into a New York City high-rise.

FBI spokeswoman Christine Monaco said there was no indication the crash was a terrorist attack.

CBS News reports the aircraft is a fixed-wing aircraft, not a helicopter. The time recorded for the crash was 2:45pm.

The aircraft was not required to be in contact because it was flying under VFR (visual flight rules), reports CBS News.

The Federal Aviation Administration only confirms that a "small plane" crashed into a 22-story apartment building on East 72nd Street. They have not confirmed reports that it was a helicopter, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr. The crash site is near a heliport.

Read rest at site

Stocks Drop on News of Plane Crash into NY High Rise, but Moderate as People Are Advised It's Not Terrorism

Not that the government actually knows anything at this time, but Americans will swallow the BS once again until the Karl Rove government decides how they can best play this to their own advantage.

Excerpt Market Watch Report:
U.S. stocks pared losses late in Wednesday's session, as investors took a benign view of news reports that a small aircraft crashed into a New York city building.
"It appears at this juncture that this was not terrorism, but rather an airplane that was in distress," said Charles Campbell, a senior sales trader at Miller Tabak.
Stock prices also were dented by the minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates. The notes made clear that inflation remained a serious concern for central bank officials, dashing hopes among some investors for an early cut in interest rates.

WP has a great AP article on this.

Fighter planes have scrambled over major US Cities. Are we supposed to be able to hear and see these planes, because there is nothing visible or audible around LA California. Maybe it's just expensive and important areas they're guarding. That would be pretty far from my place. We just have refineries that could take out a couple of blocks of houses around here.

Breaking: Small Plane hits New York High Rise

A small plane has crashed into a building in New York City.

It happened on the Upper East Side of Manhattan island.

TV pictures show flames coming out of the high-rise building.


Currently at nytimes.com:

NEW YORK (AP) -- A small plane crashed into a high-rise condominium Wednesday on Manhattan's Upper East Side, touching off a raging fire that sent a pillar of black smoke over the city, police said. There was no immediate word on any deaths or injuries.

It was not immediately known if it was terrorism.

Flames could be seen shooting from windows on two upper floors of The Belaire, a 50-story tower on East 72nd Street, close to the East River. Burning debris fell on the streets below as firefighters shot water streams of water at the flames from lower floors.

Fire Department spokeswoman Emily Rahimi said the aircraft struck struck the 20th floor.

The tower was built in the late 1980s and is situated near Sotheby's Auction House. It has 183 apartments, many of which sell for more than $1 million.
I hope no one was there in the affected homes.

Update: I've just checked again and the Times does have more news now at the link above

My time on posts is inaccurate due to techorati issues with using any accurate time.

More News on North Korea 10-11-06

Newsweek: North Korea: A Nuclear Threat The link to this article is titled "Did U.S. Provoke N. Korea?" and that is what appears on my blogger in the title bar. And in fact the article appears to answer the question "Did U.S. Provoke N. Korea?" with an affirmative. The writer, Selig S. Harrison is one to know. In other words the Bush adminstration failed us, again.

China says it will back sanctions, but indicates there are limits to what they will agree. Defying the Lil' Emperor? How dare they!

NYTimes: Bush Says No Plans to Attack North Korea There is a video linked to Washington Post articles on North Korea on a Bush press conference, but I can't stand to listen to his clownish speech patterns. (Why would we attack NK anyway? There's no oil there.)

Anthony Faiola, who did the best article on the Thai coup that I read (and posted on at the old blog), has and article, in today's Post titled 'N. Korea Wants U.S. to End 'Hostile Attitude' which confirms Mr. Harrison's assertion as noted above (or vice versa) and reports the the planned actions of other nations.

To take people's minds off their failure in North Korea the Bush administration has announced another year of reduced budget deficits. Funny but they announced the last year of reduced budget deficit just months ago. Anyway a New York Post (owned by News Corp) writer showed in 2004 that the Bush administration lies about its figures. Here's a copy of that article.

Faiola and Joohee Cho report on the effect the DPRK nuclear weapon test has had on the program that allowed the reunification for short times of families that had ended up on opposite sides of the North-South Korean border and showing that the test has created distrust with South Koreans. Interesting pattern here shows a hint of propaganda manipulation in Korea maybe. They certainly aren't getting all the facts on this, but as American we should understand how a government can "gin up a scare". and indeed the New York Times article linked above shows how South Korea is using this somewhat like their 9/11.
But in Seoul, President Roh Moo Hyun told the South Koreans to brace themselves for a “prolonged” confrontation with North Korea.

Mr. Roh also called the North Korean claim that it has built nuclear weapons because of American threats a ``gross exaggeration.”

``The threat to security the North Koreans are talking about is either nonexistent or a gross exaggeration,” he said. ``It’s unclear whether the North Koreans are deliberately exaggerating the threat or they are ignorant.”

Has Karl Rove visited South Korea lately? Anyone know?

RE: History of Foley Messages' Release Clarified by Players

This article jibes with a Mr. V's (of Atlanta) account of why he came out to the AP about his dealings with Foley.

The Pages knew that Foley was contacting ex-pages, but they didn't know how far the man would go to attempt to force a relationship on ex-pages that didn't want or weren't ready to play along with that kind of 'companionship'.

It might have been that the most mature of the former pages could handle such exchanges and may have used them to political advantage. A friend on the in with the Republican party is a friend on the in with the Republican party. Mr. Foley's position as a gay Republican gave him a certain vulnerability too. He needed people he could trust.

Unfortunately, Mr. Foley was was a predator not just gay. And when the former pages with the most condemning emails learned that he was pushing this behavior on other young people, and, obviously, the representative was showing signs that he was tone deaf to the fact that some young men found this attraction very offensive and humiliating, then they came out with their IM copies to show America that the Louisiana was not playing a political game. They must know what happens to people who hurt the Republican party by exposing the truth. I think it was darn brave of them to do so.

The hate and spittle thrown at the former pages who did come out is, as usual, overwhelming, obtuse and hate filled. Another time this type of right wing outcry happened at least one major news source hinted that the outcry was started and led by a friend of Karl Rove. I wouldn't put it past Ms Underestimated, the 'friend' who helped Oklahoman William Kerr 'out' one of the former pages (by teaching the guy how to pick up a Google cache apparently, to not have White House ties as well. Reading 'her' blog gives clear signs of paid operative. The hate filled attacks are just Coulter's style, too.

BTW MsUnderestimated is so in love with Ann Coulter, it made me wonder if.... I mean people should only be so adoring of themselves right? In this world self promotion is needed, and MsUnderestimated seems to be pretty in love with herself in all other ways.

And, guess who's picture MsUnderestimated has put up at her YouTube profile (from a video capture). Though the age doesn't match Ms. Coulter's real age it does jibe with the fact that, apparently, Ms Ann has been known to lie about that number (to lower it).

But back to Washington Post, the article shows that most of the pages that came forward were Republicans, as we can assume the ones that contacted the AP and the Los Angeles Times were as well (Click on the Foleygate "label" under "Make Your Own Pendragn Blog" for more on the subject here). Obviously, Foley is not a complete idiot. He thought by keeping his contacts within the GOP he would be protected. And he was until the extent of his predation was realized by some of his friends.

The Washington Post also shows why the timing of the exposure was forced more by circumstance than to get an "October Surprise".

Also a Chicago Tribune article shows that the House investigation seems to be focusing on the former House Clerk Jeff Trandahl who left his office after the latest emails from Foley to a former page surfaced last November.

The ChiTri also notes that John McCain is digging himself out of the Bushco urinal to call for a truly independent investigation of Foleygate and House leaders' actions. (But, of course said inquiry won't be completed until sometime after the election is over -- Oh wait. I can still smell the caca. Does that mean what I think it does? Yep, I stepped in it --fell for a Republican BS campaign -- again.) Let's vote the Republicans back in and the "independent inquiry" might be done sometime after Arnold Schwarzenegger's self investigation of his groping behaviors.

I Was Wrong in Estimate of a Quarter Million Iraqis Dying Because of Invasion and Subsequent Events. The Number is 655,000

The lowest ring of Hell is too good for the neocons and anyone that thinks that this is okay. The second lowest ring is for those people who won't believe these numbers because old white guys will sit on the television and say this is just supposedly "politics".

Well, if truth is supporting one side of the political sprectrum, then you'd better get on that side too.

The picture at the Washington Post says whatever else needs to be said.

BTW, Bush people. Remember that in February 2002 you first identified the fighting in Sudan as being a genocide.

But then instead of saving our nation's strength in diplomacy and military to stop a genocide you decided to commit one.

So now tell me, who exactly is "pro-life"?

McCain Shows How Much He is Tied to the Right Wing Lies

I've always considered McCain to be a stealth Bush. Really,--think about it -- why would neocons have only one candidate in an election? They can afford one of every kind. It just so happened that George Bush won in 2000. John was as much their man as the president was.

On some days he's supposedly opposing the president's men, and on others he is Karl Rove's little lap dog.

But after his feinting on the detainee bill and political lies like today's, I hope everyone can see him for what he is.

I like what Marc Cooper calls him. Or maybe he was just typing out an expletive.


Informants the Key to Stopping Men from Entering Schools with Guns?

Well that's what the Bush administration is saying according a Washington Post article.

The pablum that the Bush administration is trying to push to protect their base whoe who want to be able to carry arsenals of guns around town is that child informants on various issues like drug dealing will stop it.

Dammit Bush, no school informant could have stopped Charlie Roberts from killing all those little girls. Nor could they have stopped that guy in Colorado.

Without the firearm arsenal Roberts might have been able to kill the girls more slowly but he couldn't have held off the swat team so he could kill as many as he did, Get it? I hate to think of even one child killed like that and maybe that wouldn't have had to happen either, but less is better than more.

We need effective gun control now!

Howard Kurtz, the Republican's Foleygate Champion

Keep in mind that Mark Foley was asking a 16-year-old kid for a picture, and that Bill Clinton's White House staff didn't know what he had been doing--and therefore couldn't cover up for him--whereas the House Republican leadership clearly got a number of warnings. Still, with Republicans taking a drubbing on the Foley mess in a new round of polls--Newsweek even has the Democrats getting higher marks on moral issues--this effort to paint the other side as hypocritical is only going to intensify.

Unfortunately Mr. Kurtz you forgot to mention that Monica Lewinsky was a 26 year old woman who without provocation showed her thong to the president the first time they met.

She also had quite a bit of experience with older men whether you believe she seduced them or not, starting with a high school teacher.

This is quite a bit different than a 16-17 year old kid. That is why we have age limits which are 18 in California where Foley contacted J. E. mostly.

And we do need to keep our eye on this because we have found that if we don't have the facts and reasoning out in the open in public debate then they are covered up or changed as they have been with the Valerie Plame exposure, and the investigation of who twisted the intelligence concerning Iraq. The Bush people and the GOP controlled Congress do justice, domestic and foreign policy, and civil rights administration according to what they can push news and analysis media and tax payer financed Internet operatives to convince Americans to accept in a weird amalgamation of party and state that would have made Stalin proud.

Democrats and Republicans alike professed to be appalled by Foley's efforts via the Internet to help male teens 'explore their sexuality.'

Well, duh. But then the editorial goes off and makes up ideas about this.

Hastert Pledges to Fire Anyone Involved in Foley Cover Up

Oh heads are going to roll. Not Hastert's though, since no one will dare to own up to telling the fat man about this. Anyone who knows will be paid off, given cushy board jobs.

Look at the picture. Hastert even looks the part of the dishonest politician. The snarl on the face is the most indicative.

No wonder that other analysts find:

Two ... polls, those by CNN-Gallup and ABC News-Washington Post, showed that between 52 and 64 percent of those surveyed believe party leaders deliberately tried to cover up the wrongdoing by Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., who resigned last month. And three-quarters of the country consider Republican leaders' handling of the affair inappropriate, CNN-Gallup said.

While voters say such issues as the Iraq war, terrorism and the economy are more important to them than the handling of Foley's lurid electronic messages, polls show a sharp drop in public support for Republican congressional candidates.

Among likely voters, 58 percent say they plan to vote for Democrats in November, versus 37 percent who say they will vote Republican, according to the CNN-Gallup poll. The 21 percentage point margin is 5 points wider than it was a week earlier in the same poll.

The ABC-Post poll found registered voters favor Democratic over Republican candidates 54 percent to 41 percent. The 13-point margin also is 5 points wider than the last ABC-Post poll, taken a month earlier.

According to the CBS-New York Times poll, four out of five Americans think Republican leaders are more concerned with politics than the well-being of underage pages.

Above excerpt from Mercury News


... the Washington Post/ABC survey found that the Foley matter wasn't helping Republicans, is a distant concern for voters, with many doubting that the Democrats would have handled it better.
Instead, "an unpopular war led by a beleaguered president has pushed the Republican Party back to a deep deficit in voter preferences
(From MarketWatch)

GOP officials are urging lawmakers to focus exclusively on local issues and leave it to party leaders to mitigate the Foley controversy by accusing Democrats of trying to politicize it. At the same time, the White House plans to amplify national security issues, especially the threat of terrorism, after North Korea's reported nuclear test, in hopes of shifting the debate away from casualties and controversy during the final month of the campaign.

This shows that the Republican part politicizes everything and well deserves to lose power. The nation should be run "For the People" Not for Political Power Retention.

Last excerpt above from: "GOP Officials Brace for Loss Of Seven to 30 House Seats"

Churches Being Excused From Many Kinds of Oversight and Regulations

Though Churches are increasingly creating businesses that encroach on other American for profit and non profit enterprises, they are allowed to escape regulations on health, safety, employment rights and other matters that traditional businesses must follow.

Is this unfair?

Excerpt New York Times article "As Exemptions Grow, Religion Outweighs Regulation"

An analysis by The New York Times of laws passed since 1989 shows that more than 200 special arrangements, protections or exemptions for religious groups or their adherents were tucked into Congressional legislation, covering topics ranging from pensions to immigration to land use. New breaks have also been provided by a host of pivotal court decisions at the state and federal level, and by numerous rule changes in almost every department and agency of the executive branch.

The special breaks amount to “a sort of religious affirmative action program,” said John Witte Jr., director of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at the Emory University law school.

Professor Witte added: “Separation of church and state was certainly part of American law when many of today’s public opinion makers were in school. But separation of church and state is no longer the law of the land.”

The changes reflect, in part, the growing political influence of religious groups and the growing presence of conservatives in the courts and regulatory agencies. But these tax and regulatory breaks have been endorsed by politicians of both major political parties, by judges around the country, and at all levels of government.

“The religious community has a lot of pull, and senators are very deferential to this kind of legislation,” said Richard R. Hammar, the editor of Church Law & Tax Report and an accountant with law and divinity degrees from Harvard.

As a result of these special breaks, religious organizations of all faiths stand in a position that American businesses — and the thousands of nonprofit groups without that “religious” label — can only envy. And the new breaks come at a time when many religious organizations are expanding into activities — from day care centers to funeral homes, from ice cream parlors to fitness clubs, from bookstores to broadcasters — that compete with these same businesses and nonprofit organizations.